The Newt Festival

The Newt Festival

The Newt Festival

The Newt Beer & Music Festival, Somerset's Best Weekend Festival.

Beer List

The 2017 Beer List

Download and Print the 2017 Beer & Cider List Here

Come and enjoy the best selection of beers from small and micro brewers from across the South West and beyond.

No.BrewerNameSponsored ByABV%
1Beat Ales BreweryRaverTJ Print
2Beat Ales BreweryModTJ Print
3Beat Ales BreweryRockabillyTJ Print
4Beat Ales BreweryGlam RockTJ Print
5Black Bear BreweryBlack Bear BitterThe Bear Inn, Wiveliscombe
6Black Bear BreweryGrizzly BearThe Bear Inn, Wiveliscombe
7Black Bear BreweryGoldihopsThe Bear Inn, Wiveliscombe
8Cheddar AlesGorge BestTone FM
9Cheddar AlesPotholerTone FM
10Cheddar AlesCrown & GloryTone FM
11Cheddar AlesTotty PotTone FM
12Cheddar AlesSeismic ShiftTone FM
13Cheddar AlesGoat's LeapTone FM
14Country Life BreweryReef BreakErnest G Hart
15Country Life BreweryShore BreakErnest G Hart
16Country Life BreweryGolden PigErnest G Hart
17Country Life BreweryCountry BumkinErnest G Hart
18Country Life Brewery10'ErErnest G Hart
19Country Life BreweryOld ApppledoreErnest G Hart
20Downton BreweryChimera Bogus Buffalo4.6
21Downton BreweryChimera Nelson's Delight4.5
22Downton BreweryHoney Blonde4.3
23Driftwood Spars BreweryBlue Hills4.0
24Driftwood Spars BreweryForest Blond4.3
25Driftwood Spars BreweryLou's Brew5.0
26Driftwood Spars BrewerySpars3.8
27Exmoor AlesGoldDiggers 'n' Dumpers
28Exmoor AlesFoxDiggers 'n' Dumpers
29Exmoor AlesSilver StallionDiggers 'n' Dumpers
30Exmoor AlesStagDiggers 'n' Dumpers
31Exmoor AlesBeastDiggers 'n' Dumpers
32Fine Tuned BreweryLangport Bitter4.0
33Fine Tuned BreweryHarmony4.3
34Fine Tuned BrewerySunshine Reggae4.2
35Glastonbury AlesLady Of The LakeDiggers 'n' Dumpers
36Glastonbury AlesHedge MonkeyDiggers 'n' Dumpers
37Glastonbury AlesMystery TorDiggers 'n' Dumpers
38Glastonbury AlesGolden ChaliceDiggers 'n' Dumpers
39Glastonbury AlesPilton PopDiggers 'n' Dumpers
40Glastonbury AlesVoodoo Pale IPADiggers 'n' Dumpers
41Glastonbury AlesAmerican PaleDiggers 'n' Dumpers
42Hanlons BreweryFirefly3.7
43Hanlons BreweryStormstay5.0
44Hanlons BreweryYellow Hammer4.2
45Hanlons BreweryHalf Moon4.0
46Hanlons BreweryBrewers Blend4.5
47Hanlons BreweryPort Stout4.8
48Hopback BreweryCrop Circle4.2
49Hopback BreweryTaiphoon4.2
50Hopback BrewerySummer Lighting5.0
51Hopback BreweryYakima Blond4.2
52Otter BreweryOtter AmberHopkins Concrete
53Otter BreweryOtter BrightHopkins Concrete
54Otter BreweryOtter AleHopkins Concrete
55Otter BreweryOtter HeadHopkins Concrete
56Quantock BreweryQuantock Stag6.0
57Quantock BrewerySunraker4.2
58Quantock BreweryR Ale Head3.9
59Quantock BreweryPlastered Pheasant4.8
60Quantock BreweryQPA4.2
61Quantock BreweryWills Neck4.3
62Quantock BreweryQuantock Ale3.8
63Stonehenge AlesSpire Ale3.8
64Stonehenge AlesPigswill4.0
65Stonehenge AlesHeel Stone4.3
66Stonehenge AlesEye Opener4.5
67Stonehenge AlesGreat Bustard4.8
68Stonehenge AlesDanish Dynamite5.0
69Yeovil AlesStar Gazer4.0
70Yeovil AlesSummerset4.1
71Yeovil AlesLynx Wildcat4.3
72Yeovil AlesYOLO #34.2
73Yeovil AlesBST4.5
74Yeovil AlesRuby4.5
75Yeovil AlesPosh IPA5.3
76Yeovil AlesHop 1274.2
77Yeovil AlesGlory3.8

More beers to follow shortly

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