Mothers Ruin makes a return to the fields of Somerset in July for this years Newt Beer and Music Festival.

After an amazing first year we’re proud to be back with a line up that won’t disappoint, aiming to provide something very different to what is usually seen and heard in these ‘ere parts of Somerset.

Welcoming back the illusive Kazuma Sound to open the stage for us on Saturday evening. Kazuma Sound is a very dedicated and prolific producer with a strong passion for Roots, Reggae and Dub music who is based in the South West. We feel this is the perfect artist to open the stage on Saturday to help ease you out of your hangover and prepare for the lively night ahead. Expect to hear a lot of his own carefully handcrafted productions mixed with songs from era’s past and present.

Set time: 18:00 – 19:00

Shiplee DJ

Shiplee is an up and coming selector from the southwest.  He has played at events in Taunton and Cardiff, including support for Bristol Dubstep legend Joker. Although Shiplee’s main focus is deep Dubstep, he doesn’t limit himself to this and explores a variety of tempos and styles in his sets.

You can expect a set filled with Deep Dubstep, Dub, Reggae and Garage to wake you up for the busy evening ahead.

Set time: 19:00 – 20:15

DJ Lesula

One half of the running and organization of Mothers Ruin, DJ Lesula will be back to serve the stage on Saturday evening. Having played previously at Glastonbury’s Babylon Uprising, Das Haus, and Out Past Dark events he is no stranger to the dance floor.
With his passion firmly embeded in sound system culture inspired from a young age Lesula will be bringing a dark and uplifting selection to cater for every mood. Expect music ranging from House, Dub Techno, Garage and Electro (a bit of everything really).

Set time: 20:00 – 21:15


One half of the of partnership running the Mothers Ruin stage, RO-G1 is set to provide the vibes for your Saturday evening. He’s been killing it behind the scenes for years and recently tore up Das Haus’ most recent event in Oxford. Renowned for his eclectic and immersive ventures into post-dubstep and left-field bass mutations, he’ll no doubt be armed with an impressive selection of records spanning from electro, breaks, garage, ghetto house/techno. You don’t wanna miss this.

Set time: 21:15 – 22:30

Duke Boara DJ

Having only starting production two years ago, Duke Boara is quickly becoming an accomplished and well known House DJ and producer. With music streamed on widely recognised platforms ‘Slav’ and ‘Houseum’ Duke Boara’s music is getting the recognition it deserves. Although now under new management and his music temporarily taken down you can still hear one track of his online to get an idea of what this producer is about if you aren’t already familiar. His take on House music is certainly unique which has acquired him his own signature sound. Tracks such as ‘Learn To Forget’ and ‘Drift’ are two prime examples that showcase his use of carefully selected samples infused with atmospheric pads and underlying bass lines sewn together in an almost dubbed out way. His music is deep and minimal yet hard hitting, perfect for club environments. Having played at previous Das Haus events as a resident and Newcastle’s venues ‘Cosmic Ballroom’ and ‘Digital’, Duke Boara knows how to utilise a pair of decks and get a crowd going. We look forward to welcoming him to this years Mothers Ruin.

Set time: 22:30 – 23:30

Boa Kusasa DJs

Back again and closing the stage on Saturday night Boa Kusasa are production 2 piece Jake and Dean, who are nestled deep in the South West of the UK. It’s a relatively new project, but the duo have been writing and performing together for over 10 years; as both are long time sound-boys and originators of a revered Soundsystem known today as Glastonbury’s “Babylon Uprising” Sonically, Boa Kusasa deliver driving, primal, percussive rhythms, adorned with melodies on instruments from the farthest flung corners of the globe – however more local is the ever-present haunting undercurrent of their productions, inspired by the landscape of their home. Despite their music sounding like a trip around the world, there is a mood anchored in the unique and dark spaces of the Somerset Levels.

With just a year having passed since their first release (the menacing “King Kong” on Lorenzo BITW’s own imprint, with Magugu delivering one of the catchiest hooks of 2018) Boa Kusasa have been getting support from far and wide, having been played on, or guested on NTS, Rinse France/London, Reprezent, 10twenty, BBC Radio 6/1Xtra; plus delivering solid releases on Beating Heart (“Ula”) and University of Tropical sound (Bheka).

We can’t wait to be hosting these two energetics back again to close our stage on the Saturday evening. Prepare for a no shoes and no messing set that will leave you in absolute awe.

Set time: 23:30 – 00:45