The 2015 Beer is here!

Probably the greatest selection of beers from the South West of England you will ever find in one place

With almost 100 different beers to choose from you may need to buy yourself a weekend ticket!

Brewer Beer % ABV
Arbor Ales Yakima Valley 7.3
Bath Ales Gem 4.1
Cheddar Ales Gorge Best 4.0
Cheddar Ales Potholer 4.3
Cheddar Ales Crowned & Glory 4.5
Cheddar Ales Goats Leap 5.5
Cheddar Ales Totty Pot 4.5
Church End Brewery Vicar's Ruin 4.2
Church End Brewery What The Fox's Hat 4.2
Cotleigh Brewery Osprey 5.0
Cotleigh Brewery Sorachi 4.3
Cotleigh Brewery Uncle Sam 4.3
Cotleigh Brewery Barn Owl 4.5
Country Life Brewery Reef Break 4.0
Country Life Brewery Shore Break 4.4
Country Life Brewery Golden Pig 4.7
Country Life Brewery Black Boar 4.5
Country Life Brewery Country Bumpkin 6.0
Country Life Brewery 10 'Er 10.0

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Dawkins Ales Bristol Blonde 3.8
Dawkins Ales Bristol Best 4.0
Dawkins Ales Bristol Gold 4.0
Dawkins Ales Resolution 5.3
Downton Brewery Elderquad 4.0
Downton Brewery Honey Blonde 4.3
Downton Brewery Bogus Buffalo 4.8
Downton Brewery BST 6.8
Glastonbury Ales Pilton Pop 4.0
Glastonbury Ales Lady Of The Lake 4.2
Glastonbury Ales Hedge Monkey 4.6
Glastonbury Ales Thriller Capouccino 5.0
Glastonbury Ales Avalon Pure Drop 5.0
Hanlons Brewery Half Moon 4.5
Hanlons Brewery Port Stout 4.8
Hanlons Brewery Stormstay 5.0
Harvietstoun Brewery Afterglow 3.5
Harviestoun Brewery Schielhallion 5.0
Hogs Back Brewery Surrey Nirvana 4.0
Hogs Back Brewery T.E.A 4.2
Hogs Back Brewery Hopping Hog 5.4
Hop Back Brewery Yakima Blonde 4.2
Hop Back Brewery Crop Circle 4.2
Hop Back Brewery Typhoon 4.2
Hop Back Brewery Summer Lightning 5.0
Ilkley Brewery Mary Jane 3.5
Ilkley Brewery Lotus IPA 5.6
Milk Street Brewery Funkey Monkey 4.0
Milk Street Brewery Ra 4.1
Milk Street Brewery The Usual 4.4
Milk Street Brewery Prohibition Beer 4.6
Milk Street Brewery Gulp 4.8
Milk Street Brewery 15 4.8
Milk Street Brewery Beer 5.0

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Otter Brewery Amber 4.0
Otter Brewery Bright 4.3
Otter Brewery Otter Ale 4.5
Otter Brewery Head 5.8
Quantock Brewery Ginger Cockney 4.0
Quantock Brewery Wills Neck 4.3
Quantock Brewery Sunraker 4.2
Quantock Brewery Quantock Stout 4.5
Quantock Brewery IPA 4.2
Quantock Brewery Royal Stag 6.0
Quantock Brewery Night Jar 3.9
Quantock Brewery White Hind 4.5
Ramsbury Brewery Flint Knapper 4.2
Ramsbury Brewery Golden Pig 4.5
RCH Pitchfork 4.3
RCH Double Header 5.0
RCH Firebox 6.0
Skinners Brewery Betty Stoggs 4.0
Skinners Brewery Cornish Knocker 4.5
Skinners Brewery Porthleven 4.8
Springhead Brewery Lotus IPA 4.5
Springhead Brewery Sweet Lips 4.6
Springhead Brewery Roaring Meg 5.5
Stonehenge Ales Pigswill 4.0
Stonehenge Ales Heelstone 4.3
Stonehenge Ales Eye Opener 4.5
Stonehenge Ales Sign Of Spring 4.6
Stonehenge Ales Great Bustard 4.8
Stonehenge Ales Danish Dynamite 5.0

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Titanic Brewery White Star 4.8
Titanic Brewery Captain Smith 5.2
Twisted Oak Brewery Old Barn 4.5
Twisted Oak Brewery Spun Gold 4.5
Yeovil Ales Summerset 4.1
Yeovil Ales New Citra 4.2
Yeovil Ales Lynx Wildcat 4.3
Yeovil Ales BST 4.5
Yeovil Ales Ruby 4.5
Yeovil Ales Stargazer 4.0
Yeovil Ales Stout Hearted 4.3



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